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About the HEAR Program

We realize that healthcare providers and trainees, despite functioning at a high level at school or work, may be dealing with personal and emotional challenges. The UC San Diego HEAR program was created to offer confidential support and resources to those in need. More about the HEAR Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vision

Prioritize, promote and optimize the emotional wellbeing and mental health of healthcare trainees, staff and faculty so that individually and collectively we are connected, engaged and thriving.

Our Goals

  • Educate healers, physicians, residents, fellows, medical and pharmacy students, and hospital staff about burn-out, depression, and suicide.
  • Provide confidential, online assessment of stress, depression, and other related issues.
  • Make personalized referrals to local mental health clinicians and other community resources.

Stress & Depression Screening Questionnaire

We encourage all UC San Diego healthcare providers and trainees to complete this brief online questionnaire to find out how stress and depression may be affecting them. After completing this anonymous and confidential questionnaire, one of our experienced program counselors will send you an assessment with recommendations for further evaluation or follow-up.


"I was at a fork in the road that could lead to 2 dramatically different paths; you helped me pick the longer one, if you get what I mean." -Medical Student 

"…a lifeline. I felt lost in life, unhappy with my status and direction, despairing at a lack of a foreseeable solution, and ready to accept this as the normal state of affairs.  Despite my outwardly appearing successes, I felt like a failure professionally and personally… I needed help… This program started my journey."  - Resident 

"…without it, I would not have sought treatment. Thank you." - Faculty